How to Become More Disciplined - youtube video screenshot

How to Become More Disciplined

SUMMARY The words “discipline” and “disciple” share the same Latin root word, discipulus, which translates roughly to student. To be disciplined means to be constantly learning, training, and self-correcting. Discipline is at the heart of character building, essential to the path of becoming a better, happier person. But cultivating self-discipline is a slow and sometimes painful process.[…]

how to stop worrying - stress management tips

How to NOT Worry and Love God | Stress Management Tips

SUMMARY Last night’s debate left a lot of people feeling worried. But politics isn’t the only thing we humans stress over. Whether it’s providing clean water and the gospel to all of Liberia, bills, retirement, school, or relationships with friends and family, we seem to worry about nearly everything. While sometimes stress can help us survive a difficult[…]

how to honor Christ - what is a Christian?

How to Honor Christ with Our Actions

SUMMARY What’s the main ingredient in a turkey sandwich? Turkey, right? What are the main ingredients in a BLT? Bacon, lettuce, and tomato—equal parts, equal billing. If you were to take a cross section of a sandwich, the name you would call it would be the most visible and obvious ingredient(s). Although there may be[…]

Daily Bible Reading - Todd Phillips, Online Pastor

The Importance of Daily Bible Reading

SUMMARY This world, this life, is full of lies. Thankfully, we always know where to seek the Truth. The Importance of Daily Bible Reading: We get them on television; we get them on the Internet. We get them on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. On all of our social media, there’s just lie after lie after[…]

Live Passionately • Give Generously • Impact the World for God

Let’s Take This Powerful Journey Together! This world constantly screams “take all you can get,” while God, in His still, small voice whispers “give all you’ve got.” I have a passion to drown out the noise of this “take all you can get” world by turning up the volume on the voice of God in[…]