How to Share Your Faith at Work



God has given you a story to share!

1 John 5:10:

Those who believe in the Son of God have the testimony in their hearts.

Instead of seeing evangelism as an obligation, the spiritually mature Christian will see evangelism as arguably the greatest opportunity God has given us.

The vast majority of Christians are missing out on the abundant life that God promises in the book of John 10:10.

The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly.

John taught us the secret to living life with complete joy. He said,

This is my commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you.

His mission was to be a witness to testify “to the light” (John 1:7). And he taught us that we must serve and love others if we are truly to have Christ in our hearts. He is calling us to a life of service.

It’s not just the duty of pastors, priests, and clergy to spread the word of the Bible and serve others. And that’s the problem—too many of us see evangelism as an obligation.

The reality is that we should see ministry as one of the greatest opportunities of our life. The mature Christian stops thinking, “I have to share Jesus because I’m a Christian,” and instead starts thinking “I get to share Jesus because I’m a Christian.”

We are healed to heal. We are saved to save. A “non-serving Christian” is an oxymoron.

How many times do you think “Who can serve me” instead of “Who can I serve?” If you don’t regularly share your faith, or if you’ve never shared Jesus with another person, today’s challenge is for you.

Here’s your challenge:

  • Start a spiritual conversation with a friend or coworker and move from timidity and inaction to bold and daily action.
  • Ask God to open up your spiritual eyes and ears and take one step toward sharing your testimony with another person.

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Hey, this is Todd Phillips, your online pastor and personal life coach, talking today about how to share your faith at work. Boy, I get questions about this all the time. And one of the biggest challenges of sharing our faith, as I’ve gone through the last 22 years or so of not of not just being a Christ-follower but being a pastor and teacher, is that most people see evangelism as an obligation.

The reality though is that we should all as Christ-followers, if we follow Jesus, should see it as one of the greatest opportunities of our life. Instead of “I have to share Jesus because I’m a Christian,” it’s “I get to share Jesus because I’m a Christian.”

And one of the greatest realities that the Bible shares with us is that as we freely share, as we freely give, right, the gift of salvation to others that we freely received from go, God blesses us with what the scripture says is “complete joy.”

One of the only ways for us to experience complete joy this side of heaven is the act of freely sharing our faith with other people. So, as we talk about this idea of sharing our faith, I want you to think about this, as we go through these 4 points of how to share our faith at work, I want you to think about the idea that joy comes from sharing our faith.

And I believe this with all my heart; the vast majority of Christians in American churches today are missing out on complete joy—they’re missing out on the abundant life that God promises in the book of John chapter 10 verse 10.

I mean there’s an abundant, passion-filled, purpose-driven life that we’re supposed to live and that joy and contentment and sense of peace that we get comes largely from the act of sharing our faith.

Scripture speaks to this and so be thinking about that as we go through this process. So maybe you have a friend, a coworker that’s sitting next to you at a cubicle or just down the hallway in another office, right, and you thought before, “What can I do? How can I share my faith with this person that I care deeply about, that I believe probably doesn’t have a relationship with Jesus?”

Well, I’m going to give you four practical steps that might get you one step closer, hopefully, to having the opportunity to share your faith with someone at work and for you to experience complete joy in the process.

  1. Ask God to open your spiritual eyes and ears.

It’s very simple. Just simply ask God, pray and ask God, to open your spiritual eyes and your spiritual ears. And what I mean by that is this—we see things with our physical eyes all the time, we hear things with our physical ears going on in our office environment every day, but it’s different where God opens our spiritual eyes and spiritual ears to hear and see the things he wants to show us.

See, a lot of times, the circumstances of the day get in the way of what I call God’s still-small voice when he says “Go talk to them,” or “Here’s your opportunity,” and we don’t even hear it because it is drowned out by the frenetic reality of the day. But, if we would pray to God each day to open our spiritual eyes and ears to see and hear the things that he wants to show us, he’ll bless us with that.

You know, every day that we pray for God to shape our character, to mold our heart, to move us in a direction that takes us closer to him, He is thrilled. He’s ecstatic. He answers those prayers in spades. So, if you ask God to open your spiritual eyes and your ears, he’ll do it—he’ll start showing you things around you that you didn’t see before.

He’ll start opening doors of opportunity that you didn’t see before and now you’ll see opportunities to talk to that coworker that you want to share your faith with, that you want to tell them about Jesus, but for months or years, you’ve never seen that opportunity open up. But, if you start to pray with God that he’ll open up your eyes and ears, your spiritual eyes and ears, he’d show you opportunities to do just that.

So pray that God would open your eyes and ears to see what He’s doing around you and your workplace, to look for those opportunities to share your faith with people that you care about.

  1. Think through your elevator story and your 30-minute story

What that means is this—can you share your faith, your relationship of forgiveness through Christ and what God has done in your life, can you share that story in 1-2 minutes? And then, can you share that story effectively about where you were before Jesus, what you found when you met Jesus, and where you’re going now that you know Jesus?

Can you share that in a half hour during a lunchtime where you’re sharing with a friend just the truth of who you are now in Christ? What Christ has done in your life? Those two different stories are important to have because you never know when God’s going to open an opportunity to share.

And if we’re not prepared to share that story, when those opportunities come, right, we all know this, we’re just going to keep walking. We’re going to say, “You know what, I’m not ready for that… I’m not ready to share my story… I’ve never done that before.” And then we walk away and we miss an opportunity to share Jesus with someone who doesn’t know him. We miss an opportunity for them to receive that message and start a relationship with Christ that’s real and personal and internal and we miss out on complete joy.

So it’s a lose, lose, lose, when we walk away from opportunities like that. So, what we got to work on, all of us right, and this is a great opportunity to do this, just to sit down maybe with our wife or our husband, a very good friend at work, or some friend of ours at church. And just sit down and say “you know what, can I just share my story with you of what Jesus did in my life?” And you share a short story, or 1-2 minutes, and then you share a longer story.

You get into more detail about some of the miracles that have happened in your life since you met Jesus and how challenges are still there, but you see God in the moments of your life, in the challenging moments, in the valleys, and in the mountaintop moments, the victories. But just learn how to share that story, in 2 minutes, and in half an hour. I call it my elevator story and the lunchtime story.

  1. Physically list people that you care about and want to share your faith with

List, physically list them down on a piece of paper on your desk, inside your Bible if you have one in your drawer at your office, up on your screen, maybe it’s your screensaver on your computer, maybe on the notes section of your phone, but you name, you list, one two, three, four, maybe five or more people that you care about that you want to share your faith with and that you’re going to start praying, “God, will you give me opportunities to do that?”

And literally, put their names down. So maybe it’s a cousin, maybe it’s your father, maybe the third person is a coworker. And this is important, maybe the fourth person as you pray through this process, God kind of tugs your heart and asks you to put a name down of someone you don’t even like at work—somebody that you wouldn’t put on the list yourself.

You know, a lot of times that’s how God works in our life, He uses situations like this to cause us to dive into relationships we would not otherwise dive into and so just trust God in the process as you’re writing the names down of the people you care about, don’t be surprised if God tugs on your heart with that still-small voice of his, and says “put John’s name down.

And that’s the guy that’s down the hallway, that you don’t get along with, that doesn’t dress like you, look like you, act like you, or laugh at your jokes. I mean, you would avoid John if you could. And yet, what would say more about the reality of Jesus than if you started loving on John? If you started pouring into his life, if you started being selfless on his behalf?

You start pouring yourself out aggressively on John and in his life and serving him and expecting nothing in return. Wow! Some of the most profound opportunities for us to share our faith are when we have opportunities to share our faith with people that we don’t normally spend time with, or that we’ve had a challenging relationship with in the past. So, think about that as you’re writing down those one, or two, or five, or ten names on your list.

  1. Take one step with one person

This is just kind of an action step. This is the challenge. It’s beyond writing the list or praying for God to open doors. It’s just taking one actual step in that direction with one person. Well, what could that look like?

Maybe it’s a really good friend of yours at work. You see this person every day, you get along with them, you see him at the break room, you go to lunch quite often – it’s a very normal thing for you to see this person. But, you never had the opportunity to share your faith and they might not even know that you go to church.

So, one of the opportunities might be for you to strategically think how can I look for an opportunity to just mention to this friend of mine at work or that I go to church with. How can I look for an opportunity to say, “Wow, you went through this crisis that you just shared with me. I went through a crisis just like that and this is what I found because of my relationship with God.”

So it’s not necessarily your testimony, you’re trying to get them to respond right then to who Jesus is, but it’s an opportunity for you to show very clearly that you have a relationship with God. So you just take that one step with one person and that gives you an incredible opportunity to open the door to further conversations down the road.

So, what did we talk about today? Ask God to open your spiritual eyes and your spiritual ears, think through your elevator story of your testimony (your story of faith in God) and your lunch testimony, your lunch story that’s a little bit long. Number three, list those one or two or five or ten people in your workplace, or in your sphere of influence that you would like to share your faith with and begin to pray God will open the doors. And finally, number four, four is to take one step, take one step toward that opportunity with at least one person in your life. You’d be amazed at just how quickly God’s going to give you an opportunity to do that. It may be just as soon as this video’s over.

So, that’s my challenge for you today. And until we talk next time, LIVE PASSIONATELY, GIVE GENEROUSLY, and IMPACT THE WORLD FOR GOD.

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