How to Have More Influence at Work | Part 2



Last week, we discussed the first 3 ways to gain more influence at work. They were:

  1. Be Indispensable
  2. Be the Solution
  3. Be Positive

Today, we’re talking about the next 3 ways to gain more influence at work:

1. Serve Others

Similar to the first two steps, being indispensable and being the solution, learning how to serve others is a slightly different skill. You may be indispensable and come up with great solutions, but are you actively finding and serving the people in your environment?

This is less of a skill and more of a personality trait. It also doesn’t necessarily have to work-related. You can serve others by just listening and being there for them. Learning to serve others at work is a direct extension of a servant’s way of looking at the world. If you aren’t serving people in your personal and family relationships, how do you expect to serve people in your work environment?

Think of the Christian principle to treat others as you would like to be treated. People like be served, they like to be helped. Don’t you? I know I do.

2. Lean into Crisis

When I was working at McClean Bible Church in the D.C. area, Lon Solomon, the Senior Pastor there, used to tell me, “When crisis comes, lean into it.” This piece of advice has stayed with me my entire life.

Although we tend to lean away from crises, sometimes it’s life swimming against the stream. If we lean into the storm, we may just be able to get ahead of it and gain some control to get out of it.

If you are having a crisis at work, don’t bury it or hide from it. Embrace the crisis, whether it was your mistake or not, and lean in and handle it properly. It’s normally not the crisis that people remember, but rather the reaction that comes after.

3. Be Unwavering in Your Beliefs

This last one is directed at Christians in particular, but applies to everyone. If you have a strong life philosophy, don’t let those beliefs get compromised at work. Although you want to be careful not to overshare, sticking to your core principles is one of the best ways to gain influence and respect.

As followers of the Word of God, it’s important to have our insides and outsides match. Let the truth that we get from the Bible be represented by the actions of our lives. The greatest influence that we can have as Christ-followers is to let what we say be exactly what we do. This way, we can help those who don’t know Jesus come to know Him through us, and encourage fellow Christ-followers through our unwavering actions and beliefs.

Learn How to Share Your Faith at Work.

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Here’s your challenge:

If you can’t stand your job or coworkers any more, try these 6 strategies before making any rash decisions.

  1. Be Indispensable
  2. Be the Solution
  3. Be Positive
  4. Serve Others
  5. Lean Into Crisis
  6. Be Unwavering in Your Beliefs

“The point is this: whoever sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and whoever sows bountifully will also reap bountifully” (2 Corinthians 9:6).

Think on these things and let your words and thoughts match your actions. These things will not only have an impact on your work environment. We can use these principles to have an incredible impact, an eternally significant impact, on those around us.

I hope this helps. I hope that you are able to apply these things right now to your work environment.

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Hey, this is Todd Phillips, your online pastor and personal life coach.

And we’re in the middle of a 2-part video blog series on having more influence at work. I mean, after all, it’s where most of us spend most of our waking hours. So we want to have influence, we want to feel as though we’re significant, we are contributing well to the environment that God has placed us in with our everyday jobs, our careers.

And last week, we talked about the idea of being indispensable, being the solution, and absolutely refusing to allow negativity to take hold in our lives, to be a positive influence on our work environment.

So if you didn’t see that, I’d encourage you to go back and listen and watch that one as well. Now, today, we’re going to talk about three more areas that will allow us to have more influence, more significance in our work environment.


I worked at Dell Computer when I was very young in my mid-20s, and I remember very well this gentleman who was down the hall from me as I was selling computers for Dell. He would always come over to me as the newbie and say, “listen, is there anything that I can do to help you?”

And I would always have a need because I was going through this rapid learning curve in trying to understand all the things that I needed to know about computers in order to be effective in my sales role. And he would always take a break and come over and talk with me, and help me. If he could he from where he was sitting that I was having trouble with a customer, or a challenge, or didn’t know something, he would be the first one to come over and lean into that situation and help me out. He was always looking for ways to serve other people and I wasn’t the only one.

He would do that for all 35 people on our business sales division team at Dell. So I want you to think about that.

How are ways that you can serve other people in the environment, in your work environment that you are in right now? Whether it’s people who work for you, your peer group, or as you lead up (I call it leading up – looking for ways to serve people who are in authority over you at your job). One of the most important things that you can do is serve other people. Learn to serve graciously and constantly be looking for opportunities to do that. Because people love to be served, people love to be helped. Don’t you? I know I do.

And that’s an incredible way to have an influence at work. The second thing that I want to talk about (and it’s a really important one) is learning how to LEAN INTO CRISIS.

One of the things I learned from a gentleman I worked for, Lon Solomon, the pastor of McClean Bible Church in the Washington D.C. area, I remember him telling me very early on as I worked for him for 7 years. He said, “Listen, when crisis comes, lean into it.” One of the greatest opportunities for leadership and for service, and to have an influence among our congregation, the people of God within the Church, would be to lean into crisis—to handle crisis well.

Some of our tendencies, right, for most of us really, our tendency is to lean away from crisis. Our tendency is to try to look for a scenic route around the crisis. But the thing that we all need to understand, right, is that crisis comes.

We’re going to be dealing with crisis at different times throughout our lives, in our personal life, in our relationships, and especially in our jobs. And so as we build our careers, as we work every day in our jobs, as crisis comes, if there’s no way around it, we should lean into the crisis and learn how to handle it well.

Lon used to tell me, Lon Solomon used to say, “There’s two types of generals in the army. There’s battlefield generals and Pentagon generals.” He says, “The Pentagon generals learn how to manage processes. The battlefield generals learn how to master crisis.”

And he said, “You need to learn how to be a battlefield general in your work environment.” And I never forgot that.

So, one of the greatest ways that we can have influence at work is to be able to lean into crisis rightly—to have an influence on those around us by leaning in and handling properly the crisis that hits.

And it’s inevitable it’ll happen. The third thing I want to talk about today, the third way to have an influence at work, to be more significant in our work environment (it’s very important). It’s being UNWAVERING IN OUR BELIEFS.

And this one, I’m talking specifically to Christ-followers. Those of us who are Christians, we call ourselves Christians, we’re followers of the Word of God, the Bible from Genesis to Revelation, and we submit our lives and our lifestyles to that reality. One of the greatest ways that we can have eternal significance at work is to be unwavering in our beliefs—let the inside and the outside of our life match. Let the things that we speak with our mouth, the truth of the Word of God that comes out of our mouth, be represented by the actions of our lives. The greatest influence that we can have as Christ-followers is to let what we say be exactly what we do.

Let those two things match up, to be unwavering, to be steadfast, in our faith in Jesus Christ.

And in the actions and the words of our lives, so that we can not only have an impact on the environment, but we can have an incredible impact, eternally significant impact, on those around us. Hopefully those who don’t know Jesus will come to know Him because of our lives, but also the people who are Christ-followers, our brothers and sisters in the faith, we can encourage them through the process of being unwavering in our beliefs. I hope that helps you today. I hope that you are able to apply these things right now to your work environment.

Until we talk again, Live Passionately, Give Generously, and Impact the World for God.

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