how to find balance and stability

How to Find Stability in Life

SUMMARY Would you prefer to build your house on rock or sand? The wise man builds his house on rock while the foolish man builds his house on sand (Matthew 7:24-27). In Matthew 7, Jesus told his followers that if we are to have a stable foundation, we must hear His words and act on them. Acts[…]

seeing people in a better light - compassion & humility

How to See People in a Better Light

SUMMARY Traffic jams, long lines at the grocery store, and challenging workdays often leave us feeling frustrated and angry. But situations like these are exactly when we need to rethink our assumptions about people and what’s going on around us. I know, it’s not easy! I’ve always had a problem with road rage for example. When[…]

Live Passionately • Give Generously • Impact the World for God

Let’s Take This Powerful Journey Together! This world constantly screams “take all you can get,” while God, in His still, small voice whispers “give all you’ve got.” I have a passion to drown out the noise of this “take all you can get” world by turning up the volume on the voice of God in[…]