how to prioritize your life - todd phillips, online pastor and life coach

How to Prioritize Your Life

SUMMARY It’s the “new year, new me” time of year again. Your feeds have been flooded with new life hacks, tools, and tips for improving your lives, and once again, you are skeptical. And for good reason. The people who seem more productive, healthier and happier than you are not privy to a new app[…]

how to stop worrying - stress management tips

How to NOT Worry and Love God | Stress Management Tips

SUMMARY Last night’s debate left a lot of people feeling worried. But politics isn’t the only thing we humans stress over. Whether it’s providing clean water and the gospel to all of Liberia, bills, retirement, school, or relationships with friends and family, we seem to worry about nearly everything. While sometimes stress can help us survive a difficult[…]

How to Avoid Feeling Overwhelmed

SUMMARY A few weeks ago, I talked about How to Avoid Burnout. This week, I’m talking about feeling overwhelmed at any given point during the day. We all know that we will encounter problems every day. And the Bible warns us of this: I have said this to you, so that in me you may[…]

how to handle stress and avoid bburnout

How to Avoid Burnout

SUMMARY Stressed? Exhausted? Temperamental? Like most creatures on this planet, humans feel an incredible amount of stress every day. Luckily, there are some proven tips and tricks that can help us deal with and prevent the feeling of burnout: 1. Just Say “No” 2. Get More Sleep 3. Schedule Time for Email and Social Media[…]