how to prioritize your life - todd phillips, online pastor and life coach

How to Prioritize Your Life

SUMMARY It’s the “new year, new me” time of year again. Your feeds have been flooded with new life hacks, tools, and tips for improving your lives, and once again, you are skeptical. And for good reason. The people who seem more productive, healthier and happier than you are not privy to a new app[…]

how to have more influence at work - todd phillips, online pastor and life coach

How to Have More Influence at Work | Part 1

Most of us spend at least 40 hours at work each week. While this can seem depressing or exciting to some people, it’s an unavoidable reality for many of us. If your desire is to improve your relations at work, climb the ladder, and gain more influence, this week and next are for you. Today,[…]

4 ways to gain wisdom and understanding - Todd Phillips

How to Become Wise

SUMMARY Today, I’m talking to you about wisdom. Just a few days after becoming a follower of Christ, I came across this passage from 2 Chronicles 1:7-10: “That night God appeared to Solomon and said to him: ‘Ask. What should I give you?’ And Solomon said to God: ‘You have shown great and faithful love to[…]

seeing people in a better light - compassion & humility

How to See People in a Better Light

SUMMARY Traffic jams, long lines at the grocery store, and challenging workdays often leave us feeling frustrated and angry. But situations like these are exactly when we need to rethink our assumptions about people and what’s going on around us. I know, it’s not easy! I’ve always had a problem with road rage for example. When[…]

Daily Bible Reading - Todd Phillips, Online Pastor

The Importance of Daily Bible Reading

SUMMARY This world, this life, is full of lies. Thankfully, we always know where to seek the Truth. The Importance of Daily Bible Reading: We get them on television; we get them on the Internet. We get them on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. On all of our social media, there’s just lie after lie after[…]